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Dreams & Prophecies

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Dreams & Prophecies

Post by Admin on Thu Dec 18, 2014 1:54 am

Here's a thread for folks to share any Dreams or Prophecies they might have gotten. 

I dreamed last night that thee was a plane crash and some type of cataclysm. There was a big shudder and when I looked up about 2500 meters I saw an explosion had happened. Then a plane came right towards us... it was baby blue on the bottom and looked like a Korean airlines 747. Amazingly it seemed to regain some control and thrust and started to pull up and seemed to miss us and possibly make it.

A second plane which had on faired so well was hit and heading right for us. I ran around the corner and into a building and barricaded myself in the downstairs bathroom. Seemed that after the plane hit there was fuel burning all around and I came to the conclusion that the only safe survivable way out of there was via an underground passage or connection between buildings.

Seemed like it was in a city. Reminded me of Fukuoka or some place I have seen in Tokyo. Pretty intense and I woke up. That's it

Do You Have A Dream Or Prophecy To Share?

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