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The Man of Sorrows Empty The Man of Sorrows

Post by Heartsings on Sun Feb 20, 2011 5:02 am

Since Easter is soon coming, I wanted to share with you something I recently wrote about the Crucifixion. I have placed a link where you can read the remaining part of the story. I hope you are blessed by “The Man of Sorrows”.

As I walked to market, I heard shouts coming from a large crowd. The mob seemed to be cursing someone. I wondered why the multitude had gathered, why they were so angry and why the women were screaming and crying. What could possibly be taking place? These thoughts flashed through my mind as I rushed to the street to see what was happening.

It was there that I saw him. It was a man I could not identify for his face and body had been beaten beyond recognition, his skin torn to shreds. Blood flowed heavily from many wounds upon his body. A crown of thorns had been placed on his head, cutting him deeply. How this man was carrying a cross was beyond my comprehension.

“Who is he?” I asked a woman standing beside me. “Why is the crowd so angry at him?”

“Because he’s a liar and a fraud!” the woman shouted back at me with such venom in her heart. Her anger and hatred frightened me to the extent I had to take a step back away from her.

“But, who is he?” I dared to ask the woman again.

“It’s that man, Jesus,” the woman replied with contempt.


The man carrying the cross was Jesus? How could this be? This could not be the man I had heard speak such beautiful words of wisdom. This could not be the man I had gone to see in the wilderness – to hear his stories and to see his miracles of healing. This could not be the man whose smile and laughter had been so infectious you found yourself grinning from ear to ear; whose tender words of compassion and love eased the fear in my heart. This couldn’t possibly the teacher I had come to love and adore. No! This couldn’t be that Jesus, surely!

“He called himself the Messiah. If he was, he wouldn’t be on his way to Golgotha to be crucified, would he?” the woman asked angrily.

Click Here to read the remainder of the story.

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