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Post by Zeb on Wed May 12, 2010 8:29 pm

I've been over your site a lot and wanted to make a few suggestions. Hope that's OK.

1 - I think you are all very sincere, but you mix things up a lot. Someone mentioned this site is primarily geared towards Missionaries and new Converts... and from all I can see that is true. My 1st suggestion would be that you divide those 2 groups. The Saved and already reached and the new folks who you want to reach out to.

I'd do a completely different site... either like your main Home Page or Home Site http://www.21st-century-christianity.com/ or this Forum site and that you'd make it just a flat witness... keep it simple and put it into a number of diverse languages. You seem to have a large diversity of viewers, but only operate in English!

2 - I'd do the newsletter you all talked about and I would assign moderaters to check in on your site more often... and open up a live chat if you can... for people that just want to ask questions or get direction.

3 - You have a lot of Great Stories here and there. Funny Stories... tear jerkers and even a few still in progress. I'd put those on your main web site... which is dedicated towards Christian Stories... rather than expect folks to stumble on them here in your forum. They seem to get buried and lost here!

4 - Also some other ideas would be to do Topics or Forums on Christian Sports, Christian History and Christian Businesses.

5 - Also a full section on Missionaries and Christian Service. Folks already doing it, open doors and training possibilities for those interested. Needy Fields, Ripe Harvest Areas and General inspiration for those who want to move towards discipleship in one form or another.


Enough said, hope that's OK. When I said I wanted to help I meant it and I do hope making these suggestions are ok. You've got a great movement going here and my prayer for you all is that it will grow into all that God wants it to be.



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Post by Peter on Thu May 13, 2010 7:45 am

Wow Zeb... that took a lot of time and study! Thank you and I would have to say I agree. That issue of the direction of the site is a big one and splitting it into 2 site seems the best alternative! I'm not sure about the splitting it into different languages as I only can work in Japanese, Spanish and Chinese. We'd need to expand which is probably a good idea. Anyway I do believe we have an extra Site Build It contract open and we can start on that pretty soon. Basic Tracks and a good message should be easy to put together. Switching it into several languages will be on the prayer list.

A Live chat is possible on the forum as stands and we can do that. Been tough to get folks to moderate 24 hours a day, but someone is always checking in every few hours or so to make sure we don't get spammed or messed with.

I hold my head real low on the Newsletter as I just have procrastinated with that for months. Please keep it in your prayers.

Your Spot on with the stories and we can move on that right away! The other site gets things out much better than Forum.

Ideas 4 and 5 are Great and we'll have to move on those right after we do the above!


Thanks Zeb... Keep it coming! Very Grateful for your input!


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