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Tiger Woods GodHathNotGivenUsaSpiritofFear

Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods Empty Tiger Woods

Post by Tom Willis on Sat Feb 20, 2010 4:04 pm

I saw the Tiger Woods News conference and wonder if anyone else saw it and what you think?

Tiger Woods Tiger-woods-press-conference-apology-golf-219jpg-c118f65418e01dbc_large
Tom Willis
Tom Willis

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Tiger Woods Empty Re: Tiger Woods

Post by Peter on Sat Feb 20, 2010 5:22 pm

Hey Tom. I saw it on YouTube. My reaction is I think he really was sincere! If you watched it he even quoted a great quote we have here on the home page...

"Success is to be measured not by the position one has reached in life, but by the obstacles which one has overcome. Booker T. Washington"

He is a great competitor, but as with all men of any walk of life... he has feet of clay. Sounded like he owned up to his mistakes and failures and was determined to make things right. Whether His Wife Will Forgive Him, Or the Public... this I do not know, but I do Know God will and Jesus didn't come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

He that is Without Sin
Let him cast the first stone!

Tiger Woods Mary-magdalene-stoned-jesus

He looked like a much humbler and broken man... a better man. God's way up is often down and not up. Down to your pride and self righteousness and up to the knowledge that you are a sinner and you need forgiveness.

Sometimes life's darkest hour is just before the dawn
Tiger Woods Its-always-darkest-before-the-dawn

and I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case for Tiger. Before they said he was a "Great Man", but I think that was minimal, now true greatness of heart and spirit and life are there for him. Like the Phoenix to rise from the ashes of defeat... to True Greatness!

Tiger Woods Finished_pheonix

Yep Tom that's what I think... regardless of how it all goes... that's where I stand. This was... in my opinion... His Greatest Moment! God Bless and help him. Please pray for him. Thanks.

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Tiger Woods Empty Re: Tiger Woods

Post by JoeJoe on Sun Feb 21, 2010 9:35 pm

I agree... he looks like he was sincere and really wants to change. So true that quote... "God's Way Up... is Often Down"! I thought he scored with his brokenness and humility! Takes a big man to admit he was wrong!

Tiger Woods Funny-pictures-tiger-invisible-slamdunk1

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Tiger Woods Empty Re: Tiger Woods

Post by Brandy on Tue Feb 23, 2010 3:48 pm

Sorry I don't agree. I didn't see the press conference, but I heard the story and personally I think that a lot of these athletes get a free pass. They get treated like everything is OK and they can do whatever they want. If he really is sorry then I do know the Lord will forgive him, but actions speak louder than words and time is the best tester. I don't deny the Lord's forgiveness and I just wonder if he's sorry not because he has a conviction that what he did was wrong, but because he got caught. Big Difference.

Tiger Woods Barkley_woods_jordan

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Tiger Woods Empty Re: Tiger Woods

Post by John on Tue Feb 23, 2010 3:55 pm

Here's the speech. Looked sincere to me, but the Lord knows. Time is the best tester.


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Tiger Woods Empty Re: Tiger Woods

Post by Bob Dee on Tue Feb 23, 2010 4:04 pm

I'm with Brandy on this one, but I hope I'm wrong and I do pray the Lord will get through to Him now or at some point. I agree it would be good to pray for him, because his actions and how he reacts can influence a lot of folks. If he just goes on life as normal it has a terrible message... if he really does mature, change an repent that could send a ripple of conviction through the society. I'm not into "As the World Turns" Soap Opera... but it's nice to hear how the story ends.

Tiger Woods Atwt2000
Bob Dee
Bob Dee

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Tiger Woods Empty Re: Tiger Woods

Post by Peter on Tue Feb 23, 2010 6:41 pm

Yes Brandy... I see your points and agree. You should watch that news conference though... he did seem sincere. Time will tell. Just have to hope he could find the Lord through all this. Otherwise... without a change of heart it is pointless. Even if he has a change of attitude it won't make a big difference in the long run.

Bob ... "As the World Turns" is the Black hole of modern life... God Preserve us to a sane and loving life... not the selfish dog eat dog ungodly world, which just never gets anywhere. I'm thankful that by being faithful to the Lord He delivers us from most of those nightmares and gives us lives of purpose and faith.

Tiger Woods Wonderful

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Tiger Woods Empty Re: Tiger Woods

Post by Ray on Wed Feb 24, 2010 6:39 pm

The fellas over at Beliefenet.com are having a good time with this one. Here's their Quote of the day.


You can always become better.
- Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Sad_tiger

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Tiger Woods Empty Re: Tiger Woods

Post by Buzz on Mon Apr 26, 2010 7:31 pm

Last weekend, as I tried

to enjoy one of the greatest golf tournaments in the world, all I

was "entertained" with was the Tiger Woods show. As soon as one

golfer would hit a tee shot or make a putt, it seemed that the next view would

Tiger Woods Tiger-woods-pga-tour-1

be that of Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods just missing a putt that would

have put him in contention with the other golfers. Tiger Woods hooking

his drive which showed how his time off had hurt his game. Tiger

Woods trying to “respect” the game. How it seemed that the Tiger was

able to put his past transgressions behind him and was able to concentrate on

the job at hand. It just kept going on and on about Tiger this and Tiger


On the other hand, a little

miracle was occurring at the Masters; one golfer just kept smiling. He

smiled if he made a good drive, or if he made a bad drive. He smiled if

he made a long putt or missed a 5 foot putt. As he walked between

holes, he smiled and shook hands with the crowd. He never cursed a bad

stoke or blamed another person for a miss. All he did was


Tiger Woods Amy-mickelson

Why would Phil Mickelson be

smiling? Here was a man whose wife has breast cancer. Here was a man

whose mother has breast cancer. Here is a man who rather than allow his

wife and mother to fight this battle by themselves, took time off from

the PGA tour to be with them. Here was a man that returned to the game

he loved when his wife ordered him to do so. Here was man, who was so

glad for the miracle that was happening as his wife moved closer to a cure,

that he rewarded her oncologist by allowing him to be his guest caddy at last

week’s golf tournament. This move, which could have cost Mickelson

thousands of dollars in purse money, was his gift to a man he knew he

could never thank enough for what he had given

to him.

During the final round

on Sunday, Phil’s wife was staying in their hotel room since she was still

weak from the chemo treatments she is receiving. Phil did not know as he

walked up to the 18th tee that his wife would be there. All Phil did was

smile. He smiled to the crowds, he smiled to the TV audience, he

smiled to God. After his last putt found the bottom of the hole, he

hugged his caddy and others and walked to the scorer’s shack. He then

gave the biggest smile of the whole four days. He saw his wife, and even

in the midst of thousands of people, it seemed that only two where


Tomorrow I am going to

smile. I am going to smile if it is nice weather or bad. I am going

to smile at the driver who honks his horn at me or the driver who cuts me

off. I am going to smile if I get the order or not. And when the day

is done, I am going to look to the heavens and give thanks for

being able to smile.

Thanks Phil! God bless you and your family. And keep on smiling!

Tiger Woods Alg_mickelson

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Tiger Woods Empty Re: Tiger Woods

Post by Peter on Tue Apr 27, 2010 8:23 am

Yep Buzz! That's about it! Thanks for posting that!

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Tiger Woods Empty Re: Tiger Woods

Post by Rick on Tue Apr 27, 2010 8:24 am

Yes Buzz... that pretty much says it! Well spoken!

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Tiger Woods Empty Re: Tiger Woods

Post by Sponsored content

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